• Spectrum GREEN 60ML

    Spectrum GREEN 60ML

    sometimes the simple things make the best flavors, this delicious green apple is the perfect flavor for any occasion

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  • Spectrum BLUE 60ML

    Spectrum BLUE 60ML

    Sorry grandma but this one takes the cheesecake, a creamy vanilla cheesecake with blueberry topping that will blow your mind how real it tastes

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  • Spectrum BLACK 60ML

    Spectrum BLACK 60ML

    !!! AWARD WINNING FLAVOR IN VAPOR FAIR MIAMI BEACH 2019 !!!     Juicy watermelon mixed with succulent black berries that only sweeten the deal    

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  • Purple Haze Iced

    Purple Haze Iced

    This frozen grape drink is better than any gas station slushie you will ever find, the sweet mixed berries that blended in will bring new tones of flavor you couldn’t imagine.

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  • Rocket Iced

    Rocket Iced

    This mixed berry slushie will give you that cool refreshed flavor you have been searching for all summer

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  • Peach Rings Iced

    Peach Rings Iced

    Candied peach rings that were perfectly blended over ice to make a heat wave busting coolata  

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  • Blue Razz Iced

    Blue Razz Iced

    Cool down with a blue raspberry and lemonade treat that will beat the heat and leave you more refreshed than a spa

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  • CODE Strength

    CODE Strength

    relax and gather your strength with this exotic blend of pineapple, banana, and a strawberry-kiwi that will make you jump over the moon

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  • CODE Nobility

    CODE Nobility

    The desert of Nobles was a sweet blend of blueberry, blackberry, and raspberries in a bold Bavarian custard that will make you feel pampered with every inhale

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  • CODE Integrity

    CODE Integrity

    No one has ever questioned the integrity of a fantastic bowl of fruit loops cereal and we doubt they will start now. A fruity bowl of goodness is a great start to any day.

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  • CODE Determination

    CODE Determination

    We are determined to give you all of the citrus you can handle with this amazing combination of fresh squeezed lime and vibrant lemon. 

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  • CODE Bravery

    CODE Bravery

    A brave blend many have never tried is this sweetly crafted caramel with bold hazelnut tones to it that prove bravery pays off.

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