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Sinbad Spectrum

Sinbad Spectrum

  • Spectrum BLACK

    Spectrum BLACK

    !!! AWARD WINNING FLAVOR IN VAPOR FAIR MIAMI BEACH 2019 !!!     Juicy watermelon mixed with succulent black berries that only sweeten the deal    

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  • Spectrum BLUE

    Spectrum BLUE

    Sorry grandma but this one takes the cheesecake, a creamy vanilla cheesecake with blueberry topping that will blow your mind how real it tastes

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  • Spectrum GREEN

    Spectrum GREEN

    sometimes the simple things make the best flavors, this delicious green apple is the perfect flavor for any occasion

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  • Spectrum ORANGE

    Spectrum ORANGE

    The underdog snack of your childhood rises to the top, a freshly peeled orange folded into a perfectly smooth vanilla yogurt and raspberry delight that is delicate yet satisfying 

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  • Spectrum PINK

    Spectrum PINK

    Is there any wrong season to enjoy a glass of pink lemonade? We didn’t think so either and that is why we chose to make this familiar and yet unique drink

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  • Spectrum RAINBOW

    Spectrum RAINBOW

    This magical blend will have you jumping over rainbows with joy, a sweet strawberry and juicy blueberries that are perfectly folded in a creamy custard.

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  • Spectrum RED

    Spectrum RED

    Just when you thought you had tried every mixed berry flavor out there, we are here to prove you wrong, this unique blend of boysenberry, raspberry and blackberry brings a whole new level of flavor that will leave you licking your lips after every exhale.

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