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 Sinbad Code

Sinbad Code

  • CODE Ambition

    CODE Ambition

    With so many strawberry flavors out there we had the ambition to make a flavor that will taste as if you should be picking the seeds of a real strawberry out of your teeth.

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  • CODE Bravery

    CODE Bravery

    A brave blend many have never tried is this sweetly crafted caramel with bold hazelnut tones to it that prove bravery pays off.

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  • CODE Determination

    CODE Determination

    We are determined to give you all of the citrus you can handle with this amazing combination of fresh squeezed lime and vibrant lemon. 

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  • CODE Integrity

    CODE Integrity

    No one has ever questioned the integrity of a fantastic bowl of fruit loops cereal and we doubt they will start now. A fruity bowl of goodness is a great start to any day.

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  • CODE Nobility

    CODE Nobility

    The desert of Nobles was a sweet blend of blueberry, blackberry, and raspberries in a bold Bavarian custard that will make you feel pampered with every inhale

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  • CODE Strength

    CODE Strength

    relax and gather your strength with this exotic blend of pineapple, banana, and a strawberry-kiwi that will make you jump over the moon

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