• CODE Ambition

    CODE Ambition

    With so many strawberry flavors out there we had the ambition to make a flavor that will taste as if you should be picking the seeds of a real strawberry out of your teeth.

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  • Red Sea

    Red Sea

    A fresh red apple pie with a scoop of whip cream and drizzled with caramel to make the perfect dessert that is now able to be inhaled in a literal sense.   While sailing the Red Sea, Sinbad found himself on an island where the treasure he wanted...

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  • Persian Sea

    Persian Sea

    Succulent honey dew melon with a dollop of fresh sweet cream served over a cinnamon coated graham cracker.   The Persian Sea through Sinbad and his crew onto a strange shore that radiated danger. The frigid night made him shiver as they ventured...

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  • Mediterranian Sea

    Mediterranian Sea

    A blackberry and peach yogurt that will leave you wanting more. The complex flavors will give you a new perspective on how you enjoy this healthy treat.   During Sinbad’s journey across the Mediterranean Sea, he came across King...

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  • Caspian Sea

    Caspian Sea

    Coconut cream pie has been taken to an all new level with caramel and blueberry flavors added to just set off the entire dessert flavor.   - While the crew was on the Caspian Sea, something caught their eye as the entire island seemed to sparkle...

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  • Black Sea

    Black Sea

    A rich vanilla ice cream with sweet raspberries scattered on top.   The Black Sea lived up to its name as the darkness came swiftly and consumed the ship causing the crew to crash and hurriedly save all the treasure they were able to carry. As...

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    Arabian Sea

    !!! AWARD WINNING FLAVOR IN VAPOR FAIR MIAMI BEACH 2019 !!! A fine roasted Arabian coffee and exotic Cardamom flavors with a sweet kiss of French vanilla. Perfectly flavored to satisfy any coffee lovers pallet. The Arabian sea was unforgiving and...

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  • Gulf of Aden

    Gulf of Aden

    Bringing back a childhood favorite with this combination of fruity pebbles and cheerios it is a little taste of youth.   - On the edge of the Gulf of Aden, Sinbad found himself on a small island with a rather large castle right in the middle of it...

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  • Purple Haze

    Purple Haze

      Grape has taken on its ultimate form in this unique blend of grape drink and a medley of berries.  

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  • Peach Rings

    Peach Rings

    !!! AWARD WINNING FLAVOR IN VAPOR FAIR MIAMI BEACH 2019 !!!   – A delicious taste of nostalgia in the peachy circle candies from all of our childhoods.     

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  • Blue Razz

    Blue Razz

      !!! AWARD WINNING FLAVOR IN VAPOR FAIR MIAMI BEACH 2019 !!!     The sweet zing of blue raspberry with just enough citrus that is refreshing any time of the year

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