Gulf of Aden

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Bringing back a childhood favorite with this combination of fruity pebbles and cheerios it is a little taste of youth.


- On the edge of the Gulf of Aden, Sinbad found himself on a small island with a rather large castle right in the middle of it. Curiosity peaked, he ventured in. He was forced to blind a giant to escape being eaten. The only food he was able to find was a wheat cracker, one of which was circular and had a honey flavor and the other was more of a flake that had an odd fruit flavor to it. The item that made Sinbad laugh the most however, was the sign he had taken from the wall of the giant’s castle. “Beware of Octopus” it read. After raiding the castle, Sinbad left with laughter springing from his chest as he boarded his ship yet again.